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We all know the six infinity stones by heart -

  • Power Stone (Violet)
  • Space Stone (Blue)
  • Time Stone (Green)
  • Mind Stone (Yellow)
  • Soul Stone (Orange)
  • Reality Stone (Red)

The legendary Stan Lee has explained the meaning, power, and purpose of the infinity stones with finesse. They exist within the realms of the multiverse to maintain its balance and continuity. The comic and cinematic rendition of the story seems to do justice to the purpose of the existence of these stones. They have made us believe that we need no more than these six stones to do practically ANYTHING we wish.

But! Is it so?

My friend and I were once talking over the phone. We being the most jobless people on earth at that time, as we both did Engineering and were still wondering “WHY we did it?”, asked each other the question, "Are six infinity stones really enough to affect the complete universe and everything within it?". For instance, The Power Stone gives the power required to execute any action. The Space Stone together with the Time Stone makes sense as they affect the space-time continuum. The Mind and Soul Stone help to partially or fully erase the existence of life forms. The Reality Stone helps in recreating the reality for the left-over life.

If we go on and say that this is not complete, I am pretty much sure that a lot of you will school us explaining why we are wrong and how wrong it is to question the grand building blocks on which the whole story stands and revolves around. I understand that, but what my friend and I are proposing is that if we look at it on a deeper level, which I am sure a lot of you guys did, it seems like there could have been much more to it. We definitely are not the first people to think of it this way.

So, let’s answer the question “Are six infinity stones really enough, or can this list be extended?”

I believe there is enough room to extend the list of infinity stones which will make the whole saga way more accurate. The infamous snap made by Thanos will make a little more sense, not that it doesn’t already.

Disclaimer: We in no way have the intention to claim that the Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline is wrong or flawed. We are just big fans and even bigger comic book nerds. That’s why we came up with this. While we love the movies and we also cried while watching End Game, we just want you all to read our opinion and understand that this is just a fanfiction and not a review/criticism/attempt to defame MarvelTM. And yeah, we hate HYDRA too! :P

To make it more immersive for you guys, here is a recreated transcript of me and my friend on that call -

ME: Hey bro, getting bored. No Internet here. No life man without internet!

FRIEND: What happened?

ME: A long story for some other day. Got some time to kill?

FRIEND: Yeah! We did engineering, you know we are jobless! xD

ME: Yeah right xD xD … I finally watched End Game, why Mr. Stark, why ?! :(

FRIEND: Yeah, though we all saw that coming, that scene made me cry ;_;

ME: Me too man! God, I wish we could undo this …

FRIEND: We could, just need the infinity stones …

ME: Can you name them all with colours?

FRIEND: Yeah! Power – Violet, Space – Blue, Reality – Red …

ME: (Joining him)

BOTH: Time – Green, Mind – Yellow, Soul – Orange …

ME: We got it! B)

FRIEND: Yeah, we did… Dude, ever noticed the six infinity stones only omitted the Indigo colour or it would have been a perfect VIBGYOR …

ME: Dude, please don’t get started with this, hurts my OCD man, now I will keep thinking about this :/ …

FRIEND: Then let’s do this! Let’s see if we can add one more stone and we’ll give it Indigo colour and check if it adds to the significance of the Infinity Stones.

ME: Life just got more interesting :D ! Okay, so what are we missing here? We got power, space, time, mind, soul & reality. What about a “Truth Stone”?...

FRIEND: Hmm… But the infinity stones are supposed to work on anything that exists in the universe regardless of anything at all. What about a living form that communicates only using their minds, they by default always share the truth and the “Truth Stone” would have no effect on them.

ME: Hmmm… That does sound right. Then what stone should it be? What about the “Stone of Creation” or “Creation Stone”. See, it might sound like it’s just another Reality Stone, but hear me out! The Reality Stone takes care of the existing reality, uses existing matter to re-form into something else and I am pretty much sure it upholds the law “Matter can neither be created nor destroyed”. But just think of when all the matter was created at once. That one instant right before the Big Bang. You are getting my idea, right? Here in the movie, Thanos only had to decimate half the population of the universe. But the infinity stones, when all collected, should be able to do whatever one wishes to do while performing the “SNAP”. What if someone wishes to completely re-create a new universe or re-start our current universe? The stones must be able to do that! In that scenario, the creation stone will be of great help…

FRIEND: Bang on dude! Creation Stone it is B)… Like the saying “Engineers can do anything” xD.

ME: Dude we are some nerds man xD xD …

FRIEND: Right we are. :D

ME: We started on a silly note that we needed one more stone to complete the VIBGYOR colour range, but we actually ended up making a hell lot more sense out of this man. Hey, if we are actually talking about this and trying to relate it with real-life physics and its laws, and also taking into consideration that the stones are supposed to affect everything that constitutes the universe, should we not consider “ANTI-MATTER” too?

FRIEND: That totally makes more sense! Forget “Creation Stone”, let it be “THE ANTI-MATTER STONE”, that will simultaneously be effective on ANTI-MATTER.

ME: But dude, the creation stone too made sense, didn’t it? I believe we should have both the Creation and Anti-Matter stone.

FRIEND: Umm, if there is one for Creation, shouldn’t there be one for Destruction too?

ME: Man, definitely! But how do we accommodate it? We now have power, anti-matter, space, time, mind, soul, reality.

FRIEND: What about if the creation and destruction just exist in plasma form and only can be summoned after attaining all the stones. It can be in the order Creation – Infinity Stones – Destruction. Creation and Destruction just being called as they are, no need for the stone prefix.

ME: Perfect, totally makes sense. So, taking into consideration that Destructors are more powerful than Constructors (with reference to programming), let’s say Destruction is more powerful then Creation and will be placed just before the Power Stone in the spectrum and will be ultraviolet. And taking into consideration that Creation will be less powerful than Destruction, it will be placed furthest away on the spectrum from power stone and will be infrared.

FRIEND: Yeah, that totally made sense as Creation is more related to the Reality Stone and will be best placed just beside the Reality Stone. Dude, this is it!

ME: Oh, we did it. We perfected the infinity stone spectrum. So here is the final one

Destruction – Ultra Violet, Power – Violet, Anti-Matter – Indigo, Space – Blue, Time – Green, Mind – Yellow, Soul – Orange, Reality – Red, Creation – Infra-Red.

I will write it down right now man. Need to get it documented. B) !

FRIEND: Yeah bro, this is one hell of a conversation. Mail me as soon as you write it down.

ME: Again, this whole thing happened because I have no internet here, man. Forgot? xD . Hopefully will mail it to you soon.

FRIEND: Oh yeah, right. xD Cool.

ME: I am on it. Bye…


Conclusion -

Thus I now present to you the complete spectrum of the infinity stones,

Infinity Extended:

  • Ultra Violet - Destruction
  • Violet - Power
  • IndiGo - Anti Matter
  • Blue - Space
  • Green - Time
  • Yellow - Mind
  • Orange - Soul
  • Red - Reality
  • InfraRed - Creation

Credits -


The Friend - ANUVAB PAUL